Membership Class

We are excited to help you become part of this great church family. The process for becoming a member of First Umatilla starts with our Membership Dinner. Membership Dinners take place four times a year.

Membership Dinner
During our Membership Dinner, you will:

  • Hear our story (the past, present, and future of FBCU)
  • Meet the pastoral staff, deacons, and other lay leadership
  • Learn how to get involved at FBCU
  • Understand what is involved in Membership
  • Ask questions

After Membership Dinner and before you can be presented to the congregation for membership affirmation you need to complete the Membership Class materials. This will give you an opportunity to learn more about First Baptist Umatilla.

Membership Interview
Once you have completed all class materials, you will be contacted by someone from our pastoral staff for a membership interview. In a 30-minute meeting, the prospective member will be able to ask questions and share their salvation story.

Congregational Affirmation
Those who are recommended for membership will be presented to the Church Membership at the next church business meeting. Once the congregation affirms you as a member, you will receive an email confirming membership, and your church status will be changed from “guest” to “member”.

We encourage you to attend the church business meeting after your Membership Interview so we can publicly affirm and welcome you into membership at First Baptist Umatilla.

Let us know you are interested in membership by filling out this Interest Card.


Perhaps you feel God calling you to be a Christian. Or someone has told you about Jesus, and you want to know what to do nest. Or, having grown up in a Christian home, you now want to express your own personal faith.

At the very beginning of the Christian church, the apostle Peter told those who were responding to the gospel to “repent and be baptized… in the name of Jesus Christ”.

Why be baptized?

Like a window, baptism helps us see what a Christian is and what it means to live the Christian life. Baptism expresses a Christian’s new hope, new family, and new life. It’s like a funeral, naming ceremony, and wedding rolled into one!

This three-session Bible course is designed for:

  • people who have recently decided to follow Jesus
  • people who want to be baptized
  • people who want to understand the significance of their baptism

It will help you understand the gospel and know how to begin the Christian life.

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