How are you shaped?

We aren’t talking about your height or weight, but your SHAPE given to you by God. SHAPE, as taught by Erik Rees, stands for your Spiritual Gifts, Heart, Abilities, Personality and Experiences. God uses all of these together to shape who you are, or in other words, make you the person He created you to be. In order to help you figure out your specific shape, we have provided this SHAPE Assessment to give you a great head start in understanding your specific purpose and where you may be able to serve at FBCU. This assessment is composed of three sections; your passions, abilities and a spiritual gift test. For the first two sections, simply go through the list and choose all that are true of you. If you have a passion for motorcycles, then click the button for motorcycles.

If you have a musical instrument ability, choose the button for instrumental abilities. For the spiritual gift test, follow the prompts for each question and after completing all of the questions, your top three spiritual gifts will be shown as well as a brief description of how those play out in your life.The best thing about all of this is, if you have a profile in uConnect, our online community, your profile will be automatically updated with your SHAPE and a customized list of serving opportunities will be available under the serve tab in uConnect. If you are ready to find your SHAPE and start serving at FBCU, then welcome to the SHAPE Assessment. Enter your uConnect username and password below to begin the assessment.


SHAPE Assessment

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