CAMO Christians

April 8, 2018
3- ways you stand out as a Christian, reach people for JESUS. "LOOK" "LISTEN" "LEARN"

Cry me a RIVER

March 25, 2018
3- Reasons why JESUS would weep over this Nation. We've REDEFINED Marriage. We've WATERED DOWN the Gospel. We've TWISTED AROUND Worship.

POP Quiz

March 18, 2018
3- Ways to handle Life when things get tough... RUN to the LORD. Be REFRESHED by the LORD. Find REST in the LORD.  
3- ways we can Spring Forward in our walk with Christ this year CLEAN OUT...your Sinful Closet DUST OFF...your Bible LIGHT...a Candle

Power for Life

February 28, 2018
The World's Greatest Exhibition of Power, Strength, Speed, Motivation and Inspiration.


February 18, 2018
3 ways to know GOD's about to do something BIG in your midst... He gives you a PROMISE He gives you a PLAN He gives you the POWER